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25TH DECEMBER BELONGS TO GOD ALONE! Just like all other days

Just like all other days.

Pagans may falsely POSTULATE that 25th December belongs to their gods or they may vainly PROTEST that celebrating or commemorating the birth of our Lord offends them, and they may even mischievously or enviously POLLUTE the Church’s chosen feast days to give them bad names, but the Church will NEVER YIELD to their futile gimmicks.

*ALL DAYS BELONG TO CHRIST! Anyone who believes that any day belongs to any pagan idol is an IDOLATER!*

If the devil had succeeded in blackmailing the Church against the FEAST of Christ’s nativity, it would have since proceeded with denying the FACT of Christ’s nativity. Or worse still, forced the Church to stop mentioning both the FEAST and the FACT as seen recently attempted in North America!

Though pagans from ancient times have attributed every day of the year to one false god or the other by their superstition, yet from the Scriptures God has not allocated any day of the year to any pagan demon. All days are of God according to the Scriptures. One therefore wonders why any true Christian would have the scruples to accept pagan superstition as true.


True Christians cannot accept the superstitious thinking that any day belongs to any pagan god. Christians can use any day for any biblical programme we want to hold. We are not subject to any gods nor do we regard any pagan claim over any day as their holiday (Col 2:14-16).

To attribute any day to any pagan gods is idolatry and bondage!!!

No Christian should ever fall into such a subtle superstitious snare of devoting to or avoiding any day for any pagan deity. None should.

25th December does not belong to any false god. Where in the Scriptures are days attributed to any demonic deity? No day belongs to any other than to God (Rom 14:5-6). Don’t let yourself be misled by malignant misinformation and speculations derived from superstitions and scruples but not from Scripture.

Christmas (not coined by Church leadership) is a street nickname for the annual programme which the Church calls *FEAST OF NATIVITY OF OUR LORD* – a programme commemorative of biblical events NOT a pagan event.

The Church is given the heavenly backed authority to appoint or decree (Job 22:28) or bind/loose (Mat 16:19) any day they agree to celebrate or commemorate any matter from any portion of the Scriptures – whether daily, annually, occasionally or as regular as the Church deems fit. The Church does not need to regard whether false worshippers of false gods have any false programmes on the same day. To regard such would mean superstition scruples not Scriptural soundness..


Venerable Dr Ifechukwu U. Ibeme JP.

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