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Bible Study: On ANOINTING with oil

On ANOINTING with oil

Today, we Christians may use SYMBOLIC oil to anoint people into office, or symbolic oil to consecrate a place or object, but healing anointing in the Scripture is not symbolic and so should be done with MEDICINAL oils. As for body anointing, it should be done with COSMETIC oils.

Many English speaking people do not know that when James spoke about anointing (Grk= Aleipho) with oil (Jas_5:14), he did not mean spiritual oil (chrism Act_10:38) symbolism, but medicinal oil (Grk= aleipho or epichrio) application. The use of medicinal oil was the case with the Apostles (Mar_6:13) and the Good Samaritan (Luk_10:34) anointing with oil, and Jesus anointing with mud (Joh_9:6-11).

Christos(Grk) or Messias(Grk) or Mashiyach(Heb) mean The ANOINTED of the Lord or the Christ or the Messiah.

Chrisma(Grk) 1John_2:20, 27 or Mishchah(Heb) mean The ANOINTING(-oil) or The Unction usually for spiritual consecration.

Chrio(Grk) Luk_4:18-22; Act_10:38 or Mashach(Heb) mean To ANOINT or To Smear with oil especially for spiritual consecration.

These refer to anointing for SYMBOLIC PURPOSES:
=SPIRITUAL or RITUAL chrism for endument of charisms, and refere to anointing someone with the special “anointing oil” (chrism) or with the Holy Spirit i.e. consecration and commissioning for spiritual Charism (e.g. for Altars, the Tabernacle, Kings, Priests, Prophets, Exo_30:22-33; 1Sa_10:1-10; 1Ki_19:15-17; Luk_4:18-22; Act_10:38; 2Co_1:21-22).

This IS NOT EXACTLY THE SAME AS Aleipho(Grk), Epichrio(Grk) or Suk(Heb) for other NON-SYMBOLIC PURPOSES also translated “Anointing” in English but means to apply, massage or lubricate with:
= COSMETIC pomade for bodily sheen (Rth_3:3; Amo_6:6; Mat_6:17) or
= MEDICINAL balms/mixtures for healing embrocation (Jer_8:22; Luk_10:34; which could accompany prayer ministration to the sick Mar_6:13; Joh_9:6-11; Jas_5:14-15) or
= ANTISEPTIC salves for disinfectant wash (Rev_3:18) for bodily benefits.

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