Saturday , December 16 2017
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Chapel of Grace Weekly + Monthly activities 2017


Sunday                  Bible study+                                         8.40-9.25

Worship service++                               7.00-8.30am First Service

9.30-11.30am Second Service

Revival Hour                                        4.00-5.30pm

FCS Prayer Meeting                                6.00-8.00pm

NIFES Revival Hour                           6.00-8.00pm

Monday               Men’s Fellowship                                 4.00-5.00pm

Tuesday               Women’s Fellowship                           4.00-5.00pm

Drama Ministry Meeting                    4.00-5.00pm

Wednesday         Children Teachers’ Preparatory        3.00-5.00pm

Chapel Council prayer meeting        4.00-5.00pm

Evangelism & Mission Outing

and Counseling/Follow-up                   4.00-6.00pm

FCS Revival Hour                                 6.30-8.30pm

Thursday             Intercessory Prayer Meeting             4.00-5.00pm

Living Sound Practice                            6.00-8.00pm

NIFES Bible Study/Prayer Meeting 6.00-8.00pm

Friday                 Choir Practice                                        4.00-6.00pm

Bible Study Preparatory Class              4.00-5.30pm

FCS Bible Study                                      6.30-8.30pm

SLM Fellowship                                   1.00-2.00pm

Saturday             Abundant Life                                       2.00-4.00pm

Boys’ Brigade/Girls’ Brigade            3.00-5.00pm

Choir Practice                         4.00-6.00pm

Welfare                                     4.00-6.00pm

Living Sound Practice                             6.00-8.00pm


When University is not in Session: +Bible Study is 8.00-9.00am; ++Worship Service is 9.00-11.30am.




Holy Communion                                              Second Sunday of each month

Monthly Vigil                                                       Last Friday of each month

Relational Transformation Ministry                                First Sunday       3.00-4.00pm




Youth Fellowship (BLEST Team)               First Monday     4.00-600pm

Third Monday   4.00-6.00pm

Prison Fellowship                                        First Monday     4.00-5.00pm

Last Monday     4.00-5.00pm

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