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Complete distortion of history just to malign the Church

*Don’t mind the popular hype of fabrication and complete distortion of history just to malign the Church*

Constantine was not Augustus Ceasar in 533 AD as they trend.

Church celebrating Christ’s Birth started in the 200s AD. And Romans had no December feast by then. Christ’s Nativity celebration was not started by Roman Catholic Church but by African Orthodox Church, only that they called it Epiphany not Christmas.

Check out the facts below.


Due to persecution by Rome, and calendar confusion and complexities of the ancient world, several ancient Churches could only mention and commemorate Christ’s conception, birth and death as often as they would independently and irregularly. They could not arrive at a fixed annual date to hold open unified annual celebration. According to a known writing of Bishop Clement of Alexandria, the Egyptian Church had started their open unified celebration of Epiphany before 215 AD. The Roman Church remained underground or persecuted till toleration Edict of Milan in 313 AD.

1. We know Christ died around the shifting lunar date of the Passover but fixed solar date of Vernal Equinox.

2. We believe Christ’s perfection implies that He took up flesh (conceived) on the same fixed date He put off flesh (death). Christ was conceived in the 6th month (Luk 1:26) of the Macedonian calendar which was also 6 months (Luke 1:36) after Zechariah’s ministry in the lineage of Abijah at which time John was conceived (Luke 1:5-13) and was born during the first census under Quirinus who was governor of Syria (Luke 2:1-3).

3. If we accurately calculate the date of His death which was at the Passover in March-April, we can easily extrapolate the date of His conception in March-April and birth in December-January.

4. By the second century at least before 194 AD, the Egyptian Church had calculated the Spring Equinox of His death to be on April 6 by their Macedonian calendar, so he must have been conceived April 6 to be born on January 6 Winter Solstice.

5. Before the Council of Nicaea (325 AD), the Roman Church had calculated the Spring Equinox of His death to be on March 25 by their Julian calendar, so He must have been conceived on March 25 to be born on December 25 Winter Solstice.

6. Inter-calendar margin of error between December 25 and January 6 gives rise to the Twelve Days of Christmas – celebrating from Nativity to Epiphany!

7. The Christmas Twelve Days has had no other feasts celebrated by Roman pagans except January 1 New Year introduced by Julius Caesar in 45 BC. Later in 271 AD, Caesar Aurelius introduced the midsummer August 28 (NOT midwinter) feast for Mithra, the Persian Sun-God. It was not until 374 AD when mithraistic cults (without official inclusion in Roman pontifical calendar) moved their feast of Unconquered Sun from August 28th (midsummer) to December 25th midwinter. Before this the Church had long been celebrating Christ’s Nativity. But none of these old or even new pagan fixtures has right to lay any claim on any day for any pagan idol because *ALL DAYS BELONG TO CHRIST. Anyone who believes that any day belongs to any pagan idol is an IDOLATER!* Only Christ not any idol, has claim on any day under the sun. (The coincidence of the new pagan feast of Unconquered Sun with the older feast of Christ’s Nativity was actually surprising to some Church Fathers.)

8. As the Church’s Christmas season has grown in scope and significance over the years, so more and more pagan ways of celebration and culture have sought to contaminate, commercialize or even compete with Christmas.

9. *Christmas has no pagan origin as many erroneously conjecture today, but originated from the Herald Heavenly Angels and the Star-guided Eastern Wisemen as the Gospel records show. _Pagan contamination is not same as pagan origination_.*

10. In the past the Church passed several decrees banning several pagan encroachments into Christmas over the centuries, but till today more and more heathenish elements are still being innovated and introduced into the Church’s Christmas – these must be continuously resisted, for the devil must be fought without fainting till the last day.

*Have a MERRY biblical CHRISTMAS commemorations!*
Christ’s birth demands that you speak and live for Christ alone.

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