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Since the beginning of syncretic prophetic Church movement in Yoruba-land of Western Nigeria in the early decades of the 20th century, the DADA HAIR LOCKS phenomenon associated with some children has grown into relevance in Western Nigeria and spread to Eastern Nigeria among fetish or syncretic Christians though not among Western Nigerian Muslims. DADA HAIR LOCKS superstition is not the same with Rastafarian dreadlocks and trendy dreads hair fashion.


*In Yoruba culture, DADA HAIR LOCKS phenomenon is associated with Olokun priests and “offspring” of the Olokun goddess of the deep ocean.* The syncretic Aladura Churches or white garment Churches attribute DADA HAIR LOCKS to their syncretic prophets and children on whom marine spirits are believed to have laid claim. When a child is presumed or purported to be Dada, the parents are mandated to neither shave nor comb the child’s hair, but to let it grow and twist up into locks till such a time the Dada spirits agree that the locks be polled with necessary sacrifices as the spirits require. It is claimed that Dada children are born with special innate spiritual powers or special connection with the spirit world, so their hair should be left alone to twist into locks else they would fall ill or die!


Often Dada hair is erroneously connected to Samson (Judges 13 to 16), but Samson was a Nazarite (or Nazirite) not a Dada. In Israel, the Nazarite (or Nazirite) Law requires that one separates oneself for devotion to God by vowing not to shave one’s hair and not to drink wine and grape juice as well as strong drink for a specified duration of time (Numbers 6:1-21). Nazarites (or Nazirites) Law is about “NO RAZOR” and NOT about “NO COMB”, so Nazarites (or Nazirites) comb their long hair and do not leave it to twist like the uncombed Dada locks. Samson was known to weave his very long and heavy hair into seven locks probably for numerical symbolism. Another man with long hair in the Bible was Absalom who polled his hair once a year, but it was for cosmetic fashion (2Samuel 14:26) not for ritual devotion.


*Parents who consent to preserve Dada hair locks for their kids and observe Dads hair polling rituals for such children actually consent to surrender their children to Olokun and also consent to involve their households with Olokun marine demons of the deep ocean.* No true Christian should condone keeping or honouring any Dada hair claims on their children and household. Parents must be aware God has appointed that no vow or claim has power to stand in their household except they consent to it (Numbers 30). *Christian parents should simply reject and denounce every Dada claims and go ahead to comb or shave their children’s hair without any rituals or ceremonies.*

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