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dangerous trend towards replacement of “Scriptural Exegesis”

_*Grace to you.*_

Have you noticed the dangerous trend towards replacement of “Scriptural Exegesis” with “Intellectual Rationalism” and “Existential Experientialism” in the Church today? The Church must remain in God’s Word or lose eternal relevance.

God’s Word (inscripturated and incarnated) is our light in darkness, our navigation compass, our annotated map, our standard unit of measure – there is no vision without the light of God’s Word, no direction without the compass of God’s Word, no location without the map of God’s Word, no values or purpose without the standard of God’s Word. Outside the guidance of the Scripture and the salvation in Christ, it is all aimless groping and hopeless choices. Thank God for His Word.

Someone said…..
“Imagine what it would be like to be lost without a map and without a compass? Remember what it was like to wake up in an unfamiliar place as a child in the pitch black darkness totally disoriented? We don’t have to worry about that now, do we? God’s Word — both Scripture and his Son — light our dark paths and show us the way home!”

Watch and pray that you fall not into this temptation!

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