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TEXT Acts 10:1-48
MEMORY VERSE Acts 10:34-35
Godly devotion is a loving and reverential relationship with God (Deut 10:12). Cornelius was a Centurion (Captain) commanding 100 soldiers among an Italian Regiment (or Band) of usually 600 soldiers (Act 10:1). In the Roman army, ten Regiments (of 600 each) make up one Legion of 6000. Cornelius was a convert from Roman idolatry to the Jewish faith, who was devoted to God, lived by His Word, charitable to people and prayerful with his household (Act 10:2, 22, 30-31). God took notice of Cornelius’ devotion and granted him angelic visitation and vision despite the fact that Cornelius was yet to be saved and a Gentile (Act 10:3-6). God’s revelation to Cornelius was corroborated by and coincided with God’s revelation to Peter (Act 10:7-27). Cornelius became the firstfruit of Gentiles to be saved through Christ and Peter became the first Apostle to win a Gentle soul for Christ (Act 10:28-48).
1. God gave devout Cornelius a revelation on what to do (Act 10:6 and 32) which led to his hearing and believing the Gospel for his salvation with his family and friends. What do you learn from Cornelius’ sincere commitment to relationship with God? (Act 10:34-35).
2. Why was Peter hesitant during the vision in Act 10:9-17?
3. What was the gist of the salvation Gospel message preached by Peter in Act 10:36-44?
4. Through the quickening power of Grace (Eph 2:5), Christ saves sinners from the dominion of sin (Rom 6:14) so that they could willingly relate with God in the way acceptable and pleasing to Him (Rom 6:11-13). Use practical examples to show how Christians today are zealously (Tit 2:14) devoted (Rom 12:1-2) to pleasing God fully (Col 1:10) in our relationship and walk with Him?
5. What practical difference does it make to be saved from sin through Christ? (Rom 6:17-23; Col 3:1-15).

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