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by Ven Dr I. U. Ibeme

Christians are SAVED TO SERVE (2Co 5:18-19); they are freely gifted to freely serve others. Having been made a living part of Christ’s Body, every truly regenerate member of the Church should be committed to one form of spiritual service (Ministry) or special work (Role or Responsibility) within the Body of Christ and to the furtherance of God’s Kingdom. The Spiritual Gifts give the ABILITY but necessity and demand entrusts us with the RESPONSIBILITY.
Since every believer has his/her function and gift (1Co 7:7; 1Pe 4:10; 1Co 12:12-14), Christians should be concerned with discovering, and excelling in their Gifts following the suggestions below. While the discovery of our original or specific gifts tarries, every believer should readily attempt at excelling in some ROLES needed by the Church or ask for some GIFTS according to what we desire or perceive is necessary as Christ and His Apostles indicated (Mat 7:11; Luk 11:13; 1Cor 12:27-31 and 14:1-5). No one should be idle in the Church of Christ on the excuse that one has not discovered one’s Spiritual Gift.

1. EXAMINE yourself to be sure you have been regenerated into Christ’s body by repenting and believing in Christ. This guarantees that you have a gift allocated to you in order to carry out your function as a part of Christ’s Body (Eph 1:13-14; Rom 8:9; Rom 10:9-13).

2. STUDY to know, about the varieties of Spiritual Gifts, which one could use in the Church for profit and edification.

3 PRAY and depend on God for guidance and leading of the Spirit not mere coincidence or presumption. This leading depends on necessity, disposition, satisfaction, demand and one’s consecration. (Rom 12:1-2; Act 13:1-2).

4. EXERCISE yourself as needs arise around you and experiment in God’s work as you join others take-up responsibilities and meet needs by getting actively involved with: –
Church Programmes (e.g. Worship services, Bible studies, Prayer meetings. Evangelism/Witnessing outreaches, Fellowship meetings, Seminars, Retreats, Workshops, Conventions);
Church Ministries (e.g. Groups or Teams for Missions, Visitation, Counselling, Welfare, Charity, Deliverance, Healing, Intercession, Debate/Apologetics, Leadership, Discipleship, Drama, Music); and
Church Committees (e.g. Fund Raising, Publicity, Publishing, Planning/Organising, Broadcasting, Research, Technical/Multimedia, Projects).

5. OBSERVE your experiences and note areas of ministry, programmes or roles where your spiritual Gifts, natural Talents (natural endowments/capital/assets) or acquired Skills and even attained or opportune Privileges are extra-ordinarily effective or appreciated/demanded by others, which give you peace, joy and fulfilment, as well as where you feel a sense of burden and zeal.
Sometimes your natural abilities/qualities (Talents=Capital/Assets/Endowments) and acquired Skills or opportune Privileges may be preparatory or enhancing to your Spiritual Gifts (Mat 13:52).

6. ANALYSE feedbacks from brethren about what gifts or ministry for which they commend you, appreciate and respect in you, demand your services, contribution, involvement or ministration (1Ti 4:14; 2Ti 4:5 and 2Ti 1:6).

7. SUBMIT readily to the Holy Spirit by operating fervently and diligently in whatever gift or gifts to which He has led you and convinced you to be your area of occupying and function, in accordance with God’s perfect will (Col 4:17; Act 20:24; 2Ti 4:2-4).

Do not be found wanting or haughty in the exercise of your gifts (Act 20:28-29; Luk 19:12-13; Luk 19:16-17; Luk 19:20-26).

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