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MISSIOLOGICAL and STATESMANSHIP matters of Christ’s Kingdom.

Many are fixed on the ECCLESIASTICAL and EVANGELISTIC and PHILANTHROPIC matters of Christ’s Gospel but neglect or even negate the MISSIOLOGICAL and STATESMANSHIP matters of Christ’s Kingdom.

There seems to be either ignorance or negligence of Missiological or Kingdom Christianity (Act 22-26) that sees every Christian as a Kingdom diplomat and agent sent on the strategic ambassadorial assignment of lighting, salting and leavening the world through statesmanly involvement, coherent infiltration and purposeful influence.

Such missiological impact must aim towards the reformation and saturation of the NATIONS and MULTITUDES at every level of the SOCIETY, with the kingdom best practices, kingdom worldview and kingdom values of God’s goodness, loving-kindness and righteousness.

This should be done through strategic Christian ramified involvement in the Mass Media, the Professions, the Corporations, the Academia, the Arts, and amongst the Entrepreneurs, the Politicians, the Security Operatives, the Opinion Leaders, the Masses, the Princes, the Magistrates, the Parliamentarians, the Experts, the Pacesetters, the Consultants, etc; but this requires biblical purposefulness and strategic cohesion amongst all Christians and Churches.
Yet there is very minimal knowledge, study, reflection and coordination in this direction!

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