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Modern Christianity Has Metamorphosed Into Falsehood And Error

The modern Church has so metamorphosed to something very different from the early Apostolic Church.

The thrust in the early Church was moral purity and piety, today it is material prosperity and possessions.

The Apostles sought GRACE to fulfil God’s requirement, today we seek FAVOUR to obtain our requirements.

They sought to be transformed by the Gospel and please God, we seek to transform the Gospel and please ourselves.

The early Church sought obedience to God, today the Church seeks abundance from God.

The original goal of DEVOTION and sanctity has now been replaced by the modern goal of DERIVATION and prosperity.

“What shall I render to God?” is replaced by “What shall I receive from God?”

Before, the giver was the more blessed; today, the receiver is the more blessed.

The old Church sought brokenness unto God, today’s Church seeks breakthrough from God.

Before, ministrations gripped people with penitence; today, ministrations grip people with excitement.

The old Church sought after God for sacrificial worship, today’s Church seeks after God for beneficial relationship.

Their holy prophets spoke the agenda of God; our costly “prophets” speak the agenda of man.

The early Church fought to differ from the world, today’s Church begs to conform to the world.

The God of the early Church was the Judge of all, the “God” of today’s Church is judged by all.

They would obey God rather than men; we would obey men rather than God.

In fact we have rebelliously metamorphosed the Church from being Scriptural to being cultural.

I. U. Ibeme

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