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Religion is about relationship In its truest and purest form

_*In its truest and purest form, religion is Devout Covenant Relationship in Response to Revelation and Regeneration from the Divine, but in its erroneous and defiled form, religion is empty or evil response due to deception and superstition from the demonic.*_

Many Religions are not based on Divine covenant Revelation, covenant Redemption, and covenant Regeneration like Christianity is. These Religions are involved with concepts or spirits and deities with forms of beliefs and worship forms other than what the Lord God has revealed in the biblical Scriptures.

The OT Religion was based on Divine Covenant Revelation but lacks Regeneration power of enabling Grace and indwelling Holy Spirit, so they lacked the power for purity. They only had the external deference of the Law which was limited to political will to enforce it.

But in the NT because of the power of enabling Grace and indwelling Holy Spirit, true Christians who truly believe possess the mighty power for purity and victory over sin, self and Satan (and even sickness and situation) in this world!

In a world so paganized that everything is messed up and corrupted, many seek to escape by revising the meaning of words. Because religion is so diluted and destroyed by modern paganism, many seek to deny religion and prefer relationship or spirituality. And because relationship is destroyed, many seek to deny relationship but prefer intimacy. These escapist revisionism are useless. To deny religion is to accept irreligion and to deny relationship is to accept rancor.

*What is this modern revisionist confusion?*
There is no true relationship without intimacy and there is no religion in human history without relationship and – spiritual relationship and worship ritual. Some claim that Christianity is Faith or Salvation or Relationship but devoid of Religion. This modern idea of Faith without Form is a fallacious fallacy that contradicts the apostolic Scripture! Faith and Worship are both religion and relationship; and Salvation is a divine intervention that brings us into devout relationship and undefiled religion as true spirituality.

Religion and Relationship have forms of interaction but Religion is NOT empty formalism as many misconstrue it today. RELIGION IS A RESPONSIBLE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SUPREME CREATOR GOD AND SAVIOUR (or with other lesser powers of vainly esteemed regard). Religion is always relationship with God or any other supernatural or preternatural power. Some think that “spirituality” is subjectivist self-willed self-worship, self-centered and self-consumed mentality. Pure Religion or true spirituality is always a worshipful or responsibly relationship, whether formal or informal. Though for Christians, religion is a worship covenant relationship based on the saving covenant in Christ.

Of course, there could be relationship without religion especially when such relationship is casual and not with a greater supernatural being. And there could be relationship without sincerity, sanity and sanctity.

Escapist revisionism and confusion is not the way to go. After all, postmodern cultures are so worldly and pagan that they have also messed up every word like love, peace, etc. Let’s not do worse than them by denying or denouncing religion or advocating irreligion, which is what many Christians have fallen into doing, inadvertently!

Rather lets defend and explain true and pure religion which Salvation in Christ brings us into. The Apostles did so in …
*James 1:26-27*
26 If someone thinks he is RELIGIOUS yet does not bridle his tongue, and so deceives his heart, his RELIGION is futile.
27 Pure and undefiled RELIGION before God the Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their misfortune and to keep oneself unstained by the world.

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