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Rising above challenges, Extraordinary Evangelism – Pastor Kayode

*EVANGELISM EXTRAORDINARY * The last Nigerians to be discovered.

_Men and Women who Overcame Challenges_
_Pastor Kayode Momolosho (1960-2009)_

_*”No Epitaph is Golden and Remembered by Men like the One written in the heart of Men.”*_
_Pastor Kayode Momolosho_

Proverbs 10:7
_The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot._

*Odds Against Pastor Kayode Momolosho:*
He was a Missionary in Koma Hills of Jada Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. He was the Pioneer Chief Project Coordinator of The King’s Call @ Koma Hills. He faced many challenges in carrying out the divine assignment given to him. Some of the challenges included:

¶ He had to live in an unfamiliar land and among strange people far away from home.

¶ There was no road into Koma Hills and he trekked 16 hours from Yola to Koma Hills and back to Yola many times.

¶ He suffered from river blindness because there was no good drinking water. This made him blind in one eye.

¶ He walked hundreds of kilometers in between the 39 communities in Koma Hills preaching the gospel to the Koma people.

¶ Some of the communities are located on hills and he once fell from a hill on one of his trip. He was seriously injured and had to be taken to the theater for surgery.

¶ He had numerous accidents​ on motorcycle​s. At death, he had gone through 7 surgeries and was fitted with plastic knee caps and plastic ribs. He once said jokingly​ that when he get to heaven, he will tell Paul about the many motorcycle wrecks he suffered.

¶ He had to engage an interpreter to communicate with the people.

¶ As at 1996 when he arrived Koma Hills, the Koma people were not wearing clothes but using leaves and animal skin to cover their nakedness.

¶ He was accused of trafficking children and he was arrested.

¶ The Koma people had the culture of burying a baby whose mother dies.

¶ Having twin children was a taboo and such children were killed.

¶ Females had their two frontal teeth removed before getting married between 12-14 years.

¶ Koma people were predominantly idol worshippers.

¶ A pregnant woman must not be assisted in the delivery process. After delivery, she must clean herself and prepare her first meal successfully​, if not, she will be regarded as a witch.

¶ Boys are circumcised in the early teenage years using local methods which sometimes resulted in death

*Life Application*
Despite of the numerous challenges he encountered, he overcame them. He overcame the challenges in the following ways:

✓ The King’s Call @ Koma Hills clothed over 90% of the Koma People with 5 trailer loads of clothing donated by the members of Living Faith Church aka Winners’ Chapel International under the Leadership of Bishop David Oyedepo.

✓ The King’s Call @ Koma Hills dug 10 motorized boreholes, 10 wells and an constructed an infiltration gallery thus supplying portable water to many Communities in Koma Hills. This has made river blindness which use to be prevalent in Koma Hills a thing of the past.

✓ Rapha Mercy Centre provides free Medical care to the Koma People free of charge till date. This had reduced drastically the high mortality rate in Koma land.

✓ A free Boarding House School and 3 other Day Schools are currently running in Koma Hills for the education of the Koma Children. The day Schools serve the children a meal in school daily.

✓ Pastor Kayode Momolosho led the indigenes in constructing the first road which connected the community to other places. The road was constructed with hoes and cutlasses.

✓ Many of the Pioneer pupils of Dominion Academy, Mani were taken outside the state for further Studies. Today, many of them are graduates including a First Class Graduate of Landmark University (LMU).

✓ Dominion International Junior Academy, Mani (DIJA) has also graduated many students from it’s Junior Secondary Arm of the school.

✓ Koma Children are not only receiving formal education but they are also been taught the word of God.

✓ The allegation of Child trafficking was dropped when he brought back home successfully​ all the children who were schooling in different parts of the country.

Pastor Kayode Momolosho didn’t just survive in the midst of challenges but he succeed against all odds. God’s Grace and help was available for him. You can count on God to see you through even in hard and difficult times.

_*(Today’s piece is specially dedicated to Pastor Kayode Momolosho. Today makes it exactly 10 years he passed on to Glory.)*_

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