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SATAN is busy among the SAINTS!

_Watch, Pray, and Watch!_

Satan used Scripture to tell half-truth to Eve in Eden, he also used Scripture to tempt Christ with half-truth.

Half-truth is falsehood and it kills.

The agents of modern paganism that have invaded the Church with their half-truth to revise ancient apostolic truth are agents of Satan.

They teach that since you have the GIFT of salvation you don’t have to pursue the GOAL of salvation.

They teach that you don’t have to RACE for the PRIZE of faith since you already have GRACE as the PRICE of faith.

They teach GRACE as if it replaces or is already the GLORY.

They say since you are the son of God, even if you tempt God and deny Christ, you can’t fall or fail from being the son of God.

They say since you are alive, even if you eat the fruit you can’t die.

These lying agents of Satan have come to deceive us into thinking that LIBERTINISM in sin is same with LIBERTY from sin and that REMISSION of sin is meant to be PERMISSION to sin.

They want us to harden our hearts through IMPENITENCE, die through DISOBEDIENCE and fail through NEGLIGENCE.

They want us to SQUANDER the Grace of God and DISDAIN the Blood of Christ.

They may succeed with some as with Eve in Eden but will surely fail with the remnant as with Christ in the wilderness.

May God open our eyes!

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