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FREEHOLD title is unlimited ownership rights (Lev 25:30) which has no constraint of property rights and period rights but LEASEHOLD title is limited ownership rights (Lev 25:28) which has constraint of property rights and period rights till the year of jubilee (Lev 25:13; 27:24).

In the Scriptures, FREEHOLD rights belong to lords who are referred to as Household Masters/Owners (Grk=oikodespotes Matt 10:25; Luke 14:21) and account to no one but call their servants to account, while LEASEHOLD rights belong to servants who are referred to as Household Managers/Stewards (Grk=oikonomos Luke 12:42; 1Cor 4:1-2; 1Pet 4:10) that must account to someone. Oikodespotes is one who PRESCRIBES the rules and portions for the household, while Oikonomos is one who DISPENSES the prescribed portions to the household according to prescribed rules.

Freehold gifts would require thankfulness to the giver but not require stewardship faithfulness. Leasehold gifts would require both thankfulness as well as stewardship faithfulness to the giver till the year of jubilee.

Our whole existence (lives, graces and privileges, times, talents and treasures, thought, word and deed) is LEASEHOLD gift (NOT Freehold gift) from God which we must steward in trust with thankful and faithful service for God (Luke 12:42-48) till the…
Ø time of restitution of all things back to God (Act 3:21) or
Ø day of account to God and judgment by God (Matt 12:36) or
Ø time to deliver all kingdoms to God (1Cor 15:24) and
Ø = subdue all things under God (1Cor 15:27) and
Ø = subject all things back to God (1Cor 15:28).

Live your life on leasehold for God as a faithful steward of His Grace (1Pet 4:10).

I. U. Ibeme.

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