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The anti-Christmas campaign is fallacy


The anti-Christmas campaign is fallacy. It is the product of fabricated and falsified historical ananlysis which are far from the truth. These campaigns did not start with Christians or Reformers, but began with the Illuminati, Freemasons, Pagans, Occultists, Wiccans, Jews, Media, etc.
Such concocted fallacy is laughable.

*Hear the TRUTH!*
The Bible is not a book of modern TERMS but of divine TRUTH and saving facts. It was not inspied for TERMINOLOGY but for THEOLOGY and spirituality. The Church is not limited to biblical terms but biblical truth.

God created all days and months.
Any can be used to celebrate anything about God.

Appart from the Creator, no creature has right to claim any Day or Month.

Anyone who allocates or avoids any day because an idol has claimed such a day is an IDOLATER in pitiable bondage!

The worry of idolaters and pagans is that the Church has gained prominence in the calendar and their aim is to remove that dominance.

When their method of commercial and cultural corruption of Christmas did not stop the Church, they resorted to their fallacious condemnation of Christmas. All will fail.

Christians who join these lying pagans in their Antichrist and anti-Christmas absurdities and fallacies should know that everyday and the months have been named after pagans and their gods.

In fact, such misguided Christians should never join in counting the days and using the calendar dates or even stay to live in those days and months named after pagan gods.

Our perfect Christ was conceived the same season He died in Spring (i e. Passover time) – approximately March 25. [That was also 6 months after John was conceived during his father’s known duty time usually in October.] Nine months from that is December 25.

No better math can be done than the Church had done. People forget that the Church’s Gregorian Calendar used by all nations today has no better match till date.

*We are the light of the world!*

The Angels sang joy aand gpodwill to all people. No one can explain or hinder the joy of Christmas season, so powerful that Winter cold can’t dowse it.

At Christmas, we are marking Christ’s Birth imitating the celebrative rejoicing as exemplified in the Bible by Angels (with the Word and Songs) , Shepherds (with Vigil, Visit and Evangelism), Wisemen (with Journey, Visit and Gifts) , Rabbis (with Bible Study), the Holy Family (with Vigil, Meditation on events in our hearts and Obedience to God), and even the Sky and the Field (with lights and glory(! Herod’s mayhems and discomfort of mangers on earth can’t stop the joy from heaven.

But whatever people bring into Christmas which is not in agreement with biblical way of rejoicing and worship is not Christian nor of the Church.

The problem is that people rejoice by their own nature and culture and in their own way. Carnal people rejoice carnally and spiritual people rejoice spiritually.

Fact is that untill they become spirotual, carnal people can’t rejoice spiritually. And we won’t wait till heaven before we rejoice.

Just like we wont wait till Christ comes before we assemble in Church fellowship.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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