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The Four Temperaments and The Twelve

*DANGER!! Watch Out!!!*

THE FOUR TEMPERAMENT personality mapping is False-science ((1Tim 6:20-21)) that urges you to initiate yourself into OCCULTIST and carnal bondage, willingly subjected to Zodiac/seasonal powers and Rudimentary/elemental forces!!!

The Scriptures teach that:
Personality types are determined by exposure and experience, choices and consequences NOT by moods controlled by some imagined body humours or elemental forces of the zodiacs and rudiments (Gal 4:8-10; Col 2:6-10).
Personality types can be recreated or transformed (Rom 12:2; 2Cor 5:17).
Personality types can be renounced or imitated (1Thes 1:6-7; Php 4:8-9).
Personality types can be put-off or put-on (Col 3:1-14).
Personality traits are depraved but Spiritual Fruit is sanctified (Gal 5:19-23).
Temperament type is someone’s old carnal nature which leads to condemnation to sin and death (Rom 8:1-4) and so should be CRUCIFIED, MORTIFIED and DENIED (Mat 16:24; Rom 8:12-13; Gal 2:20; 5:24; Col 3:5).
Seeking out our so-called temperament is being carnally minded, which is enmity against God and leads to death (Rom 8:5-9).
What the Christian needs is not discovery of temperamental carnal personality and passions but discovery of God’s purpose and power for us in Christ.

Moods or temperaments do not in any-way depend on some imagined so-called four humours, nor are they fatally determined by the four seasons and four rudiments.
Christians who are begotten again into the New Creation belong to Christ’s genealogy, personality and destiny.
Believers should rather renounce and not recover their carnal temperaments and personality types; they should rather be filled with the Holy Spirit, Who produces His Spiritual Fruit of Christ’s temperaments and personality in us.

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