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Leadership is not merely about position or office, rather it is a process of bringing impactful influence toward a purpose or goal.

*Christian leadership* is bringing Christian influence towards divine purpose and all Christians are called to influence souls and societies or the Church and the Community with the light and salt of Christ toward God’s purpose and glory.

Christian leadership is transformational because it influences others to enhance their lives toward divine purpose (Mat 28:20). Christian leadership is propagative because it seeks to transform others toward becoming life enhancers for God’s glory (2Tim 2:2). *True influencers beget true influencers.*

Transformational work for Christian leaders is a visionary mission to influence generation(s) toward far reaching and widely encompassing goal and purpose, which is to *Evangelize the nations with the “good-news” message* of Salvation of the soul and *Christianize the nations with the “good-will” culture* of toleration in the society, as revealed in the Scriptures (Mar 16:15; Luk 2:14).

It therefore follows that Transformational mission and ministry requires a strategic combination of urgency and inspired vision pursued with *purpose, power, prayerful persistence and pragmatic plan.*

The Bible (made up of The Law, the Prophets and the Writings of the Old Testament as well as The Gospels, the Epistles and the Writing of the New Testament) is a covenantal documentation by transformational authors. These godly writers were inspired by God to move humanity from bondage of damnation, deception and destruction into the blessing of deliverance and dominion in spirit, truth and life for God’s glory.

Transformational vision and mission in accordance with the biblical Scriptures bring *Revival, Reformation, Redemption, Regeneration, and Restoration* of humanity through divine power unto purpose well pleasing to God.

It is important not to forget that the devil and evil human agents are also engaged in their evil transformation commitment continuously.

Effective transformational leadership requires consistent commitment to *Integrity, Ingenuity, Industry, Information, Insight and Inspiration for Impactful Influence* on souls and societies alike.

Grace to you.

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