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The “New World Order” as it is called today, designates “World Citizens Cosmopolitan Republic” or World Federation of Republican States proposed by the 18th century enlightenment philosophers like Immanuel Kant and pursued by the “Philosophes” of the Enlightenment as an open socio-political movement but secretly as a clandestine conspiracy agenda by members of the “Secret Order of the Illuminati” in Bavaria, Germany. This was as far back as about between 1776 and 1796.

The so called “World Citizens Cosmopolitan Republic” is meant to be a godless globalist world order envisioned by the “Secret Order of the Illuminati” which they said would be realised through international “crises” such as “revolutions” and “wars”.

18the century documents of Bavarian Illuminati (originally written in German) show that the global “League of Nations” was intended to use the desperation and perplexity of crises to midwife and police the world with “irresistible force” toward “World Citizens Cosmopolitan Republic” to bring about their dreamed universal “perpetual peace”!

According to the Illuminati cultic writers between 1776 and 1796 (e.g. Adam Weishaupt and Ernst August Anton von Göchhausen), their envisioned illuminatist “World Cosmopolitan Republic” movement was meant to be secretly manipulated by a network of elitist Illuminati or illuminated Elite lodges for coordination of efforts by mass-mobilising of enlightened Elites to revolt against the feudalist Aristocrats and religious Clergy.

The secret cult of “illuminated philosophes” were to the Press to make it seem as if their movement is for the society to be “ruled by reason” but in actual fact the Illuminati will secretly manipulate society by “moderate authoritarianism” (called “benevolent dictatorship” today) to achieve a “conversion of the community”. This is to be accomplished through crises, flux and mass mobilisation.

The word “illuminati” means “enlightened” or “illuminated” Elites. Illumination or enlightenment was purported to be generally sought openly through elitist (free thinking) reason and atheistic (free thinking) knowledge, but was actually sought secretly by the Illuminati lodges through gnostic mysticism and esoteric occultism antagonistic to Christianity, the Church and godly morality.

Illuminatist mysticism and occultism eventually acknowledged Lucifer (Satan) as their ultimate Enlightener or Illuminator! They also acknowledged that deregulated sexual licence and bloodshed through legalized abortion are proper worship for Satan/Lucifer the Illuminator.

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