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What is Christian Marriage and Blessed Marriage

Mundane (Traditional, Cultural and/or Civil) marriages are not indissoluble ONE FLESH divine JOINING instituted in Eden by God prior to the Fall, but are dissoluble humanly devised betrothals, espousals and engagements outside Eden after the Fall. Couples simply start living together HARDHEARTEDLY without regard to divine ordinance and validation but bring into marriage adulterous divorce and polygamy and other aberrations or perversions.

Therefore, mundane hardhearted Cultural or Civil and darkhearted Traditional marriages belong to the people who desired such, contrary to that instituted at the beginning as Christ pointed out and sought to restore in Mark 10:5-9. The world does with marriage whatever seems rationally and emotionally convenient to them based on their hardhearted Cultures. This marriage is powered by human passion and founded on DEMAND-oriented relationship leading to relational scarcity.

Christian marriage covenant joining belongs to God as He instituted it in the beginning. The Church must do with it only what is spiritually right with God as He has commanded in the inspired Scripture. This marriage is powered by the Spirit of Grace and wisely founded for a SUPPLY-oriented relationship leading to relational surplus.

These two are not on same platform.

Which marriage are you into?

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