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Why the Bible does not call itself “The Bible”

Why the Bible does not call itself “The Bible”

The Bible was written over a period of 1500 years, comprised of 66 separate books and letters, by 40 different authors, in three languages on three continents. The Old Testament authors never knew each other, never imagined that what they were writing would one day be collected together and compiled into a book. Each Old Testament writer was divinely inspired to write what he wrote, expressed in his own words, and yet, across some 60 generations, all of these writers expressed the same ideas that pointed to the coming of the New Testament Messiah and Eternal Salvation.

The Old Testament prophecies pointed ahead to the New Testament, and the New Testament writers looked back to the Old. The fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy is one of the great proofs of our time for the existence of God, expressed by men who never saw the whole picture, but taken all together, their visions would one day come together as the Bible we have today.

In summary, the revelation of the Bible as the inspired word of God written by the hands of men in their own words, spanned about 1500 years, across some 30 lifetimes and 60 generations.

In contrast, the Qur’an was revealed by ONE man, in ONE language, in ONE location in ONE lifetime. There are no real prophecies in the Quran, save for one current event prediction concerning the defeat and subsequent victory of the Romans over the Byzantines [Qur’an 30:2-4], which occurred during the lifetime of Muhammad over eleven years from 614 to 625 AD. The prediction failed by declaring ten years, not eleven. Biblical prophecy, on the other hand, spans 700 years or more, the longest being 2,300 years [Daniel 8:16]. [*See note of Qur’an prophecy at the end.]

Why does the Bible not call itself “The Bible”

As noted above, none of the writers of the various books knew they were writing something that one day would be called the Bible. There was, therefore, at the time of writing, no such thing as a Bible. The term “biblia sacra” appeared for the first time in the Middle Ages. The Bible, in fact, is itself the origin of its own name. The first use of the title “The Holy Bible” appeared in 1611 on the cover of the Authorized Version, known also as the King James Version. However, there are some references in the text that suggest the precursor to the name.

The word commonly used in the Bible to refer to the biblical writings is the word Scripture. Inference that Scripture refers to the Bible is made when “Scripture,” “The Word of the Lord,” or “Thus says the Lord” which occur over a thousand times. It is not necessary that the Bible call itself the Bible in order to be such, The enormous number of references to Scripture as the Word of God make it clear that these writings are in fact the Bible. At the time the Scriptures were written there was no compiled book called the Bible. It became, in fact, what it was in reality, the Book of the Scriptures.

When one considers the historical development and evolution of the Bible, the claims that the Qur’an made of itself seems illogical. At the time of Muhammad’s supposed death, there was no compiled Qur’an. All that existed were random collections of scraps of various sayings and “revelations”. I do not believe that any one person had the complete collection, but that various collections of different sets of verses existed in the possession of different people. This being the case, it is absurd to think that a random scrap of any verse would refer to itself as the Qur’an, a word which itself may be of Syriac origin and may be derived from the ancient name of the Torah, and may have been applied to and inserted into the completed compiled work two or three hundred years afer the death of Muhammad.

Muslims make the silly claim that the word “Bible” is not in the Bible, probably to satisfy some deep-seated insecurity. It is, however, interesting to note that
the VERY FIRST WORD of the VERY FIRST VERSE of the VERY FIRST CHAPTER of the VERY FIRST BOOK of the New Testament is the Greek word
Βίβλος which means “book.” And which is transliterated as BIBLOS which is where we get the English word Bible.

“Βίβλος γενέσεως ησο Χριστο , υἱο Δαβὶδ, υἱο βραάμ”
The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ
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